Thursday, September 27, 2012

Nail art can be so easy, yet full of effect!

It's not too often that I get the chance to try out new and interesting nail art designs.  However, after seeing so many of the "cloud manis" I became fascinated at how such a design might work.  It certainly looked easy enough (as most of them normally do), but actually getting all the clouds to be perfectly round and even turned out to be more challenging than I expected.
For my first cloud mani I chose:  Maybelline's Colour Show "Pedal to the Metal" as my base colour.  Then I used two shades by ASK Cosmetics:  "Oh So Aubergine" and the lighter one called "Romantic Sunset".

My first impression of the finished product was "not too bad", but upon closer inspection one can see that the clouds are not as even as I wanted them to be.  After wearing this mani out and about for a few days I received lots of looks and compliments.  I also realized how intimidated most people are at "trying their hand" at nail art. 


I loved the colour combination.  The darker shade "Oh So Aubergine" seems to create depth and a kind of lining around the clouds.  Some might even say it looks like a storm is brewing. Nevertheless, this mani is super simple to do not requiring any special tools.  As the nail polishes (at least the ones I used) were very fast drying, there is little room for error.  You have to work quickly and place those cloud outlines perfectly.  Try it and have some fun!
Thanks for stopping by and have a memorable day!
Til next time, Lisa M.