Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The TNT Challenge is on!

An exciting new challenge has started entitled the "Total Nail Transformation Challenge" sponsored by ASK Cosmetics Inc. of Canada. 
This photo shows the all the products included in the challenge kit, except the Skin Conditioning Milk and the Hand & Nail Cleanser were sent to the participants in the full-size bottle rather than the travel-size bottles shown here.
All participants will be applying the nailcare products provided by ASK Cosmetics for a period of 12 weeks.  In order to monitor their progress we have asked them to submit photos and a report each week.
Today I am very excited to share the first impressions which were sent to me by a nail blogger "Dragon Lady Nails" aka Kevan Johnson.
Her first update can be found in detail with fantastic photos on her blog page right here.
Kevan also wrote me a few lines describing her experience with the ASK Cosmetics products thus far and had an important question at the end:
I watched the videos on youTube about how to apply TIPS and how to use the Contour nail file. First off, I LOVE the nail file and most of the women in my family might just be getting one in their stocking for Christmas this year! After that I took your advice and use the TIPS for Toes to start. I did two coats about 30 minutes apart (before touching water). I was shocked at how fast the TIPS for Toes soaked into my nails and the surrounding skin. I was happily surprised that just one application actually soothed the raw skin and soreness of some of my torn cuticles and hangnails. I was amazed in the shower how it blocked the water from entering my nails and surrounding skin. I also used the hand and nail cleaner and conditioning skin milk. I loved how gentle they both were and how fast the skin milk absorbed and how light and non-greasy it was.
Improvements I have noticed in just 3 short days:
1. My nails actually feel stronger already – less flexible
2. No tears or breaks so far – I usually break or tear one at least once a day or so
3. None of my cuticles are hard, raw, or sore anymore and some of the hangnails have repaired themselves
I LOVE THIS STUFF! I can’t wait to take my Week 1 pictures on Friday and see the difference!! I have easily incorporated these small steps into my daily routine and am amazed at the difference already. I now do one application of TIPS for Toes after I drop my kids off at school, one during the day if I plan on my hands being wet for a long time (doing dishes, cleaning out the pond, bathing the kids, etc.), and one application right before bed so that my nails are protected if I get up in the middle of the night or forget first thing in the morning. Please let me know if there are any other specifics you would like to be getting in these weekly emails.
Also, I had someone ask me the life expectancy of the Contour nail file? She wanted to know how often they would need to be replaced. Thanks!
Sincerely,    Kevan Johnson   aka   The Dragon Lady
Since the Contour Nail File by ASK Cosmetics is made of stainless steel it is extremely durable.  Some users report owning and using theirs for up to 20 years and it is still going strong.  It is designed to seal the ends of your nails with gently filing.  If the ends of your nails are sealed, they can't peel, chip or snag/catch on things like clothing or towels, etc.  This file does not fray the delicate ends of your nails and should be used several times each day to promote longer, stronger growth of your nails.  Life expectancy - most likely, forever!

Hope you are enjoying your day so far, Lisa M.

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