Friday, October 19, 2012

An office, very modest in size but huge in purpose!

There is an office, very modest in size but huge in purpose, located in Burlington, Ontario, Canada that supports women who are going through breast cancer and gynecological cancers as well.  Their mission is to provide strength, hope, courage and support in an encouraging, enlightening and empowering way.
Ms. Laura Stevenson, who is in charge of the Special Events & Fundraising, is seen here in this photo taken Oct. 16th, 2012 holding the donation from ASK Cosmetics.
It was my second time meeting and chatting with Laura, who has an amazing team of volunteers behind her.  ASK Cosmetics Inc., with its head office and manufacturing also situated in Burlington, ON, donates product to the Breast Cancer Support Services each year.  The donated product is used in the "comfort kits", which are available to comfort and aid people having breast cancer surgery and chemotherapy treatments.
TIPS Nail Conditioner was donated for the comfort kits provided by Breast Cancer Support Services since it will help transform the nails of those going through or having gone through chemotherapy. 
A little information about this center...... 
Breast Cancer Support Services was formed over 20 years ago to give support and hope to those living with breast cancer.  It is a self-help non-profit organization created by women, for people living with breast cancer and anyone concerned about breast health.  They provide current information and education on early detection, treatments and management of breast cancer.
They are a volunteer driven organization, whose heart and soul is composed of the women and men who have already walked in the shoes of the newly diagnosed, and who understand their need for compassion and support.
In their brochure they write:
The "C" word means more than "Cancer"
It's time to change the meaning!
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