Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Making clipping so much easier - Flex Nail Clippers

Not too long ago I discovered a fantastic store called "Lee Valley".  I was utterly amazed at how many different items they offered, everything from garden tools to door handles to personal hygiene products.  You name it, Lee Valley most likely has it.
As I am always on the look-out for great ideas, I picked up a few nailcare gadgets and wanted to share them with you.  Not only would they make neat stocking stuffers, they are also very practical to have around any household at the same time.
So, let me introduce the Flex Nail Clippers - a rotary nail clipper with a non-slip pad.
Original packaging, price point @ Lee Valley is $16.75 CAD.
Flex nail clippers seen here with non-slip pad
The ergonomic design of this professional style clipper makes it easy to use, providing the extra length, precision and leverage needed to trim nails.  It is a wonderful gift idea for users with weak or arthritic hands.  It traps clippings for later disposal and includes a non-slip pad for table-top use.
Here is a closer look at the parts and mechanism behind this ingenius gadget.
The rotary wheel is at the back; the clipper handle on top.

How to use it:  Turn the rotary wheel until the blades swivel to the desired angle for ease of clipping.  This allows hands and fingers to remain in a more natural and comfortable position.
For those with limited hand mobility, the clipper handle is designed so that it can easily be pressed down using the palm or closed fist.  This is best done on a flat surface with the non-slip pad under the clipper.
This gadget is very light-weight and is extremely easy to adjust, so it alleviates a lot of the awkwardness and discomfort when clipping both finger as well as toe nails.
A product of Chesnut Tools located in Almonte, ON, Canada.
Available through Lee Valley, which also has an online catalogue at
Do you have any neat ideas for stocking stuffers? 
Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great day, Lisa M


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