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Tutorial - The Ultimate DIY Manicure by ASK Cosmetics

For this DIY manicure I want you to put away (hopefully forever!) all the “torture tools” you would normally use.  These include:  your crystal file, emery boards, orange sticks, cuticle clippers, nail scissors, buffing devices, or anything else you might use.   Throughout this tutorial you will come to realize how such tools can cause damage to your nail fibers/columns, nail tissue and your cuticles.  You should also do away with the bowl of water to soak your nails in.

Now, you are ready to see how the ASK Cosmetics Manicure works using basically one product, namely T.I.P.S. Nail Conditioner, which, when used according to the instructions, will help to say good-bye to most nail-related issues, for example: dry and cracked cuticles, brittle, chipping nails, also ones that are yellow or peeling.  Since I have been in contact with nail bloggers, I think the issues I hear or read most frequently about are – peeling, splitting, yellowed nails.  And if your nails are peeling and splitting, they will also be very weak. 
My hand before clipping nail length back.

Step 1:  Remove ALL layers of nail polish from your nails.  Be sure there is nothing left.  This may seem obvious to you, but you would be surprised at how many people leave little bits and pieces of a base coat on their nails, which will dry them out and cause yellowing over time.  We recommend the Revival Nail Polish Remover (reviewed by bloggers), as it is designed to efficiently remove your polish while treating your nails and cuticles at the same time – a two-in-one deal!  However, we suggest doing this step the night before your new DIY mani, as the oil in the remover will not allow for good, long-term adhesion of the new nail lacquer.
My nails shine as they have just been treated with T.I.P.S. Nail Conditioner.

Step 2:  Apply T.I.P.S. Nail Conditioner, a lipid-rich, fortifying nail treatment around your cuticles, completely over the entire nail and underneath your nail as well, where there is also a type of cuticle.  This little bottle not only strengthens the nails through its high lipid content (FYI – lipids are the “cement” holding the cells together and providing the proper balance of hydration), but it also softens the cuticles and helps them to recede naturally.  Note:  by soaking your nails in water you are allowing the nail tissue to absorb water, which in turn evaporates almost as quickly as it enters the tissue.  This constant, daily activity of soaking or washing our hands weakens the nail tissue and is the many contributor to brittle nails. 
The three main necessities of the DIY Manicure treatment.

Step 3:  Using a good-quality, sharp pair of clippers begin on the outer two sides of the nail to shorten the nail to the desired length.  The last clip is in the middle.  You should use three (from the ouside to the middle) smaller clips to diminish the length.  Then take the Contour Nail File by ASK Cosmetics, which has NO grit strength and is super-fine, to SEAL the ends of your nails.  You can gently file in both directions to finish off the end and get rid of any burrs that may have occurred during clipping.  Conventional files, yes, even crystal files, grab, rip and tear the nail fibers causing little white shavings.  This is a strong indication that your nail fiber has been torn and thus weakened.  Caution!
First two nails after being shortened with clippers.  Always apply T.I.P.S. before clipping and filing to preserve the integrity of the nail.
Step 4:  In order to give your nails, cuticles and hands a boost of hydration, take a pea-size amount of the Revival Skin Conditioning Milk and gently rub your hands together.  Never massage or rub anything into your cuticles, because this will dry them out. 
Nails nourished and fortified, clipped and filed into the desired shape.
The Revival Skin Conditioning Milk is formulated with some of the best ingredients among those hyaluronic acid, but without waxes and silicones!

Step 5:  As oil and paint do not mix you should wait for several hours before applying fresh nail polish.  Of course, the best idea would be to give your nails a breather and refrain from polishing them 7 days a week.  T.I.P.S. Nail Conditioner will help solve so many of your annoying nail issues, but you have to give them a fighting chance.  This means scaling back on decorating them at least until the new, strong, healthy nail has replaced the old, damaged weak nail.  This could take up to 6 months.  Just remember – there are no quick fixes for repairing nails.  If a product claims to do so, they are misleading the public.
If you choose to wear polish, make sure you apply a clear base coat.  Any base coats with pigment will contribute to yellowing just like nail polish does.  So protect your nails by using a base coat!
There you go, with your nails treated, clipped, the ends sealed and desired shape achieved, base coat applied - the only thing left is choosing the shade of the day. 
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Thanks for stopping by and have a great May day!  Lisa M.

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