Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Creating your own Nail Art Tools

Nail art has taken the polish world by storm.  Who can resist with all the stunning lacquer shades available to us on the market nowadays?  I know I have tried my hand at some easy designs - the odd hit, but the odd miss too.  Up to now I have not invested in any nail art tools, but I have been rather creative and used things around the house.  One fellow blogger "Enigmatic Rambles" was so kind to give me a tip about using the end of a pin for dots.  Recently I saw an idea on Pinterest, which I had to test as well.

Here is the product of my creativity yesterday:
I started with a base colour entitled "Abalone Sand" by ASK Cosmetics - 3 coats seen here.
For the first set of dots I used the rounded end of tis brush, the same one I use to remove any polish that is "outside the lines". 
The second set of dots in grey were a bit out of control as I was doing this nail art with my left hand and I am usually right dominant.  Note to self:  do not drink so much coffee before attempting this.
This was the idea I took from Pinterest - by simply sticking a pin in the eraser end of a pencil you have an inexpensive dotting tool.  How cool is that!
This is the end product of my dotting adventure.  And here is a photo of the shades I chose:
From left - right:  Abalone Sand by ASK Cosmetics, Spanish Moss by Revlon, Chinchilly by Essie and Colour Club (name unknown).
All Nailwear by ASK Cosmetics is Big-3 free, Camphor free and vegan-friendly.

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  1. So glad you had a go at this, I haven't actually tried doing anything random like this! Dotting tools are so cheap £1 from eBay inc P&P dont think they would be much more to Canada either.

    I like how with those dots you can be a little more random and it doesnt look bad, means you can do them on all your fingers! :)

    1. @Enigmatic Rambles - Thanks for your wonderful ideas a while back. There are so many items around the house that can actually be used. This was the first attempt that I wanted to share - yes, the dots did get a little too wild. That happens when my left hand is jittery from too much coffee -haha! Love all your great designs, but still have a problem posting comments on your page. Sorry! Take care, Lisa M