Thursday, August 30, 2012

To Glitter or Not to Glitter

Most of us who follow various bloggers or who spend lots of time and money searching for that special polish shade know that glitter comes in countless shapes, sizes, colours and qualities.  Whereas some glitters look elegant worn alone, others really need a base shade to make them pop like they were intended to. 

I think opinions are quite divided on whether to add that desired bling by adding a coat of glitter or whether to allow the polish to shine and impress on its own.  Personally, I have been fascinated by the Luxeffects by Essie worn on several different polishes - on all 10 fingers or as an accent on my ring finger.  Each time bling was added in the form of glitter I received rave reviews from my admirers.
Today I would like to show you one of the Nailwear shades that will be featured in a fantastic kit on TSC tomorrow Aug. 31st.  So all you Canadian fans and friends - you might want to check this out at 12, 4 and 7 pm EST.  It will definitely be worth your while......
Step 1:  Always coat your nails with a high quality clear base coat.  It protects your nails from the strong pigments contained in the polish (benefit of this -little or no staining) and it provides a good base on which you can then apply your polish.
Step 2:  Seen here - "Peach Opal" by ASK Cosmetics.  As the name implies it has a peachy undertone and a frosty sheen to it like no other.  Very nice as a stand-alone day-time polish.
Step 3:  After applying 2 - 3 coats of polish I always treat my cuticles with an application of TIPS Nail Conditioner.  When doing a manicure I always keep the polish well away from my cuticles as it dries them out.
2 coats of "Peach Opal" on Clear Base Coat by ASK Cosmetics and TIPS Nail Conditioner as treatment for my cuticles while wearing polish.
Joining the group now is Essie's Luxeffects - "A Cut Above" glitter to jazz up my manicure.  To be completely honest, I was somewhat nervous about combining these two shades.  Here is the result....
It is quite visible in this photo how I stay clear of my cuticles.  This product by Essie is so easy to apply and create an even look - really a dream as far as glitter is concerned.

A close-up of my thumb to show the glitter particles. 
So, what you do prefer - polish alone or the special effects added to a manicure through a coat of glitter?
Hope everyone is enjoying the day!  The skies are blue and the weather is simply gorgeous in my neck of the woods.  Til next time, Lisa M.



  1. I like the look of glitter, its just the removal that puts me off. Although the latest 'trend' is to use PVA glue under the polish and it all peels off the way children's polish does. Such a great idea!

    Does ask nails have any plans of coming to the UK?

    1. @Enigmatic Rambles - Yes, glitter can be bothersome to remove, and I have seen posts about the glue method. ASK Cosmetics will enter the European market via QVC, but a few things are slowing down our progress. I can't say when it will happen, only that it will happen in the future. Thanks for your comments, Lisa M.

  2. Nice glitter! I just put glitter on my nails. :)