Sunday, November 11, 2012


When it comes to choosing nail polish colours, I find myself in a real dilema.  Nowadays, there are countless brands with so many stunning shades, it makes a polish wearer's life rather challenging, to say the least.
Recently I was on a short trip to Naples, where I indulged in purchasing numerous lacquers produced by various manufacturers; ones I can't readily find in my corner of Canada.  It was as if I was in "polish heaven", something my husband did not understand at all.

In any case, I came home with a suitcase full of polishes, and here's the one I would like to showcase today:
Coats:  2 applied;
Thickness of Polish:  on a scale from 1 (thinnest) to 10 (very thick)  -  this one was a 5 in my opinion;
Ease of Application:  It was fantastic to apply.  The brush fans out so nicely and allows for a perfect 3-stroke application.  Not all polish brushes are created equal, but OPI's are really easy to work with.
Appeal Factor:  This is another dark shade, similar to the previous one I showed "Stylenomics" by Essie.  For those who prefer the dark, rich lacquer colours this is definitely right down your alley.
I think this deep grape shade will go very nicely with many colours in my wardrobe, all the way from light shades to darker ones as well.

As always I finished off my manicure with a treatment of TIPS Nail Conditioner to hydrate my cuticles.
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