Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Incredible Deal - Amazing Savings!

ASK Cosmetics is very excited to offer their flagship product, TIPS Nail Conditioner, coupled with the most unique file you will ever try, the Contour Nail File, at an amazing price of $15.99 + free shipping.

You would normally pay:  $26.00 (new pricing as of Sept. 1st, 2012) for this set + $7.50 shipping in Canada and the USA, which amounts to $33.50 not including provinical taxes. 
If you take advantage of this offer, you will only be paying $15.99 (+ applicable taxes) with NO SHIPPING charges.
SAVINGS = $17.50!!!!  
***Limited Time Offer While Supplies Last
Benefits of using TIPS Nail Conditioner:
*  it will give your nails the strength and flexibility they need;
*  it will replenish the lipids, that are the "cement" holding your cells together;
*  it will restore the vibrant colours to your nails making them look healthy again;
*  it will improve most nail-related issues:  cracking, peeling, splitting, yellowing, weak, brittle nails with its unique combination of ingredients;
*  it will eliminate hangnails;
*  it will help cuticles to recede naturally;
*  it will treat both your nail tissue and cuticles with moisturization and lipids;
*  it will give your nails the most gorgeous, naturally-healthy appearance possible;
*  it is a fast, easy one-step daily manicure for your nails;
*  it will save your money on other nail products and manicures;
*  it lasts up to 6 weeks (one bottle).
Benefits of filing with the Contour Nail File:
*  it will last "forever" as it is made of stainless steel;
*  it has no grit strength;
*  it will not rip, tear or shred the ends of your nails;
*  it is designed to seal them after clipping or cutting;
*  if used regularly it will prevent snagging and tearing of your nails on things;
*  it is curved to match the contours of your nails
(because your nails aren't flat or straight either!)
*  it has 3 ultra-fine filing surfaces for all the surfaces of your nails: 
the end, underneath and on top;
*  it can shape your nails and promotes longer, stronger growth;
*  it is ergonomically designed to be used in both hands;
Basically, it is a one-time purchase!
But it is a good idea to have several laying around the house or in your purse for frequent use.
As stocking stuffers, as Teacher Gifts, as BFF surprises, as Spoil Yourself treats, as anything you like - this kit is the ultimate nailcare set.
How to order:
1.)  You must use the promo code:  "TIPS Stocking Stuffer Set".
2.)  Ordering by phone, simply call toll-free 1-877-275-5566 and state promo code.
3.)  Ordering via online webshop - write promo code in message section.
Please note:
This is a limited time offer only while supplies last.
There are very limited numbers of this particular set. 
Free shipping only applies to this set.
Multi-packing is possible.
Thanks for stopping by,  Lisa M.

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