Friday, November 30, 2012

OPI's Light My Sapphire

OPI's - Light My Sapphire
Always being drawn to the dark, dramatic shades of polish, I just had to pick this one up. 

It was a challenge to photograph just how deep and rich this shade really is, while showing the blue at the same time.

First impressions:  The blue in it shows up much better on your nails than in the bottle.

Coats:  2 applied in these photos.

Thickness of Polish:  on a scale from 1 (thinnest) to 10 (very thick) - Light My Sapphire is a 6.

Ease of Application:  If you like working with thicker, very dark shades, then this might just be the one for you.  I found it a bit difficult to get the right amount on my brush, but I do love all the OPI brushes that I have used thusfar.

Appeal Factor:  Although my personal preferences are rich, elegant shades this one didn't appeal to me so much on my nails. 

I use the Revival Nail Polish Remover by ASK Cosmetics Inc., as it offers an added benefit.  It is really a two-in-one product; removing polish and treating your nails and cuticles with TIPS at the same time.  My nails always feel hydrated, rather than dried out and my cuticles feel soft and silky.

My question is:  How do you successfully keep these rich, dark shades away from your cuticles, while still doing a clean manicure?
Thanks for stopping by today.  Enjoy your day, Lisa M

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