Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Gorgeous Nails on Your Wedding Day

It's wedding season once again, and brides all around the world are getting ready for one of (if not the) biggest days in their lives.  Everything has to be perfect - from head to toe - since all eyes will be on the blushing bride.
One of the most exciting moments of this glorious event is when the groom slips the wedding ring on his bride's finger.  After that everyone wants to feast their eyes on her hand.  Doesn't everyone want to have the most beautiful looking hands on this day?
For the ultimate wedding manicure I have chosen two polishes:
This indoor photo shows Rimmel London's "French Rose 140" on the left, TIPS Nail Conditioner in the center and "Sheer French Pink" by ASK Cosmetics on the right.
Indoor photo:  3 coats of "French Rose" by Rimmel, which started out very similar in its transparency to the second polish by ASK Cosmetics, but took on much more of a pinkish tone after 2 coats.

Indoor photo:  3 coats of "Sheer French Pink" by ASK Cosmetics, which makes your pinks look pinker and your whites look whiter.  Many people have noticed my nails with this polish on and commented how nice my French manicure looks.
All three pics above show Rimmel's "French Rose".  If you love the slightest hint of pink on your nails, this polish will fit the bill wonderfully.

In the above three photos you can see my right hand with 3 coats of "Sheer French Pink" and the last one shows TIPS Nail Conditioner, which I apply after each and every manicure to treat the cuticles.
Some more outdoor shots to show the difference between the two....
Rimmel's "French Rose"

ASK Cosmetics' "Sheer French Pink"

Which one do you prefer - more pink or more sheer?
Let's get social, shall we?
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