Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Who is the fairest of them all?

The two swatches I will show you today are truly sleek understatements.  In my humble opinion they radiate elegance as well as sophistication.
Rimmel London's French Manicure PRO - French Rose

ASK Cosmetics' Sheer French Pink
Let's begin with Rimmel London....
Seen here:  3 coats
As the name implies, this polish will add a fine touch of light pink to your nails preparing them for a lovely French Manicure (or left without the extra applied white tips).
This polish is meant to be the base of a classic French manicure, however I think you could also wear it as shown above.  What do you think about this:  yes or no?
Now on to Sheer French Pink.......
Seen here:  3 coats for a good comparison (Normally I would only wear 2 coats of this polish.)
This shade (or lack thereof) really accentuates your natural nail colour.  It brings out the white tips and pink part of your nails very well.

I finish up all my manicures with an application of TIPS Nail Conditioner by ASK Cosmetics Inc.  It keeps my nails strong, yet flexible, nourished and hydrated, protected from water. 
For more information on any products by ASK Cosmetics click here.
Now, be sure and leave me a comment:  Do you prefer understated nails for certain situations?  Does either one of the above shades appeal to you?
Til next time,  Lisa M.

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