Thursday, July 26, 2012

Transformation from embarrassing to amazing, healthy-looking toe nails

As many of you know ASK Cosmetics has staged their first ever Beach-Ready Toe Nail Challenge, which is coming to an end after running for approx. 12 weeks now.  At the beginning participants were asked to submit weekly updates of their progress accompanied by photo documentation.  Various age groups, professions and toe nail conditions were represented in this adventure. 

One challenger, who I met at a social media conference in March, is an avid marathon runner.  She heard me talking about this upcoming event and inquired if this may be something that would help her toe nails.  Absolutely, was my answer!

We can all imagine who much wear and tear a person's toe nails have to endure if they are pounding the pavement in socks and running shoes day after day while training.  Well today, I am so pleased to show you Dorothy's summary of her Beach-Ready Toe Nail Challenge experience.


As the challenge ends I must say that I am very impressed with the product and will continue to use it.  I'm also going to get one of the nail files you demonstrate online -- they look wonderful.

Here's what happened to my nails:

  • yellow colour -- gone!
  • brittle, flaking edges -- gone!
  • ridges -- not gone, but greatly improved!
  • the little toes were like "bunches of nail" -- now look like real nails!
  • dull, overall colour -- now healthy!
  • thick nails -- not gone, but getting better (suspect they will look better as new nail grows in)!

Compared to a few weeks ago, my nails are much better and I really appreciate learning about, and using, TIPS.  I was very impressed that the product did not require any work.  Just wake up, apply in less than two minutes, and off I went with my day.

Thanks for introducing me to TIPS.  I have spent years being embarrassed by my toenails and now I wear open-toed shoes ALL the time.  As an added bonus:  I applied nail polish this week and my new, smooth healthy nails enhance the look of my polished toes, too.



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