Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Experimenting with the new ASK Cosmetics Nailwear shades

On the road to Philadelphia to meet with QVC buyers.  This is me having loads of fun at Cracker Barrel with all their Halloween costumes!

Wow, life and work have been keeping my very busy lately.  A quick trip to QVC in Philadelphia last week, answering customer care calls at head office the week before...... this has broken my routine of posting.  But I'm back in the swing of things now, and we have completed an awesome contest, in which the contestants were asked to submit their suggestions as names for the polishes displayed on their screens.  I was so impressed with the creativity people had and the fanastic ideas for names.  All of the winners, whose name or part of their suggestion was chosen, will be announced very shortly and will win their choice of 4 new polish shades, 2 bottles of TIPS Nail Conditioner, 1 bottle of the Revival Nail Polish Remover as well as 1 bottle each of the Clear Base Coat and Top Coat.  Sincere thanks to all who sent in entries - GREAT JOB!

Here are a few photos of the new shades (names will be announced sson):

The girls at the office had a great time trying out all the new shade choices in various combinations.  Keeping in mind that this was our very first attempt at any kind of "nail art" (even if just stripes and dots), what do you think of the combos?

Thanks for stopping by and much more coming your way on nail, skin and haircare.  Cheers,  Lisa M.

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