Sunday, December 9, 2012

From acrylic damaged nails to longer, stronger natural nails

As you may know ASK Cosmetics is running a Total Nail Transformation Challenge at present.   The participants send in weekly reports including photo documentation on their results.  The reason we set such a long timeframe for these challenges is simple:  good things take time.  There is no such thing as a "quick fix" for nails, so please don't believe that months or years of damage done to your nails can be repaired within days or weeks.  It can take anywhere from 4 to 9 months for your nails to totally grow out!

Gayle, one of our fantastic participants, has sent me her Week 6 Update, which I would love to share with you today:

My nails continue to improve in strength and appearance, with amount of ridges starting to decrease. Cuticle health is improving except for where I continue to pick, this is a habit I am working hard to break and do see some improvement. I have stopped picking apart my pomegranates and my nails are losing the dirty look I had complained of (beware of those pomegranates - they definitely stain). You will see that during a particularly stessful moment I reverted to biting and attacked the right hand thumb nail as well, another bad habit, using nails as tools, did this and had some breakage, didn't break right off and I am babying it and believe it or not, I think it is self mending, will let you know more next week.

I continue to receive compliments on my nails and a co-worker commented across the table after a meeting "oh I see you are getting acrylics again" and when I told her I had stopped biting and these were my very own, she was really impressed and had to hear all about the ASK products I am using. I continue to use the Revival Hand & Nail Cleanser (BUT so do the others in my house despite my direct order to leave it alone, will have to check and see if they notice any improvement), the Revival Skin Conditioning Milk (love this stuff and will be ordering soon) the TIPS for Toes (every am prior to washing/showering) and of course the curved Contour Nail File multiple times per day (this goes everywhere with me). I am loving my nails and plan to never bite again, if they are this nice half way through the challenge, I cannot wait to see how wonderful they will look when we are done. Thanks ASK for helping me to love my nails :)
Great work, Gayle.  Your progress is amazing and we are thrilled about all the compliments you are receiving. 
Thanks for taking the time to stop by today.  Til next time, Lisa M.


  1. they look great, i don't ever want fake nails again, Ask products make them look healthy and i will do them myself. I like to change the colors anyway.

  2. @Caroline - Thanks for taking the time to read through Gayle's amazing transformation so far. Take care, Lisa M.

  3. Wow, impressive. My nails have never grown very long. In fact I had a major issue where they were peeling halfway down my nail bed & finally have grown them out but they are paper thin and will peel/break soon. I never have had strong healthy nails. I have ridges and thin clear nails. So jealous! Nothing ever works for me. I've paid major $ in different nail products trying to get my nails stronger and longer. No luck.