Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hand Soaps - Are they the cause of your dry, irritated hands?

Have you ever glanced at the list of ingredients on the back of your favourite hand soap?  Probably not.  I bet, if you take a closer look at what comprises your anti-bacterial, moisturizing hand soap you may be surprised at the ingredients.
Everyone loves to place fancy fragranced hand soaps by their sinks during the holiday season.
First off, the #1 ingredient in 99% of hand soaps is water (aka:  aqua or eau).  Now most of you will argue that water hydrates your skin.  Yes, this is true, but because water evaporates so quickly from both your skin and finger nails, it leaves a dry sensation behind.
Take a close look here at the ingredients!
Secondly, the #2 ingredient in most cases is a "sulfate".  As the name implies this component is derived from the sulfur family of chemicals, which is a salt.  Now, just think for a moment how irritating it would be to put salt on an open wound.  If you hands are already dried out from the cold weather or because you generally suffer from dry skin, then using a hand soap containing a sulfate will only cause increased dryness and irritation.
Be a cautious consumer!  Look for products with the best possible ingredients that enhance your natural beauty.
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