Wednesday, June 6, 2012

One of the hottest runway shades for Fall/Winter 2012

Rimmel London's Hard Metal #282 is one shade of blue that was prominent all over the runways by several designers including Chanel.  It has a distinct metallic sheen to it, but also a richness that I can hardly put into words.
I love taking pics outdoors and this time of year offers an array of photo opportunities that should really be taken advantage of.  After a little rain there were still raindrops of the leaves of the Japanese Maple tree I used as a backdrop.  (From this angle you can see how oddly shaped my middle finger is.)
Here you can see 2 coats, with TIPS Nail Conditioner applied after the manicure.  Rimmel London's brushes are wider and flatter than others I have used.  In my opinion they are very easy to work with and help to apply the polish evenly.  3 strokes is absolutely no problem with this lacquer and this brush. 

Products I always use before, during and after manicures/pedicures:
Step 1:  Remove old polish with Revival Nail Polish Remover (best done the night before!)
Step 2:  Apply TIPS Nail Conditioner daily first thing in the morning as part of a nail treatment regime.  TIPS is not to be used directly before applying polish as oil and varnish do not mix! 
Step 3:  Clear Base Coat by ASK Cosmetics, which is slightly sticky to provide better adhesion of polish and provide a longer-lasting manicure.
Step 4:  Polish shade of your choice.
Step 5:  Finish off your manicure with a good quality Top Coat such as the one by ASK Cosmetics.
Step 6:  After waiting the appropriate time I apply TIPS Nail Conditioner around my cuticles and under my real nail for added fortification.
Step 7:  I spoil my hands after each manicure with Revival Skin Conditioning Milk to add luxurious hydration without waxes and silicones.  It penetrates fast and leaves your hands (or feet) feeling silky, soft and naturally moisturized.

What has been your experience in terms of staying power of the Rimmel London's polishes?  Better than others or average?  Would be interested to know.... 

Thanks again for stopping by and have a great day, Lisa M

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