Thursday, December 13, 2012

Let's get Kissy, shall we!

My Easy-Breezy Manicure Routine
 I applied TIPS Nail Conditioner first thing in the morning followed by a pea-sized amount of Revival Skin Conditioning Milk for an extra boost of penetration and hydration for my weather-beaten hands.

Then I wait a few hours before beginning my manicure.  The reason being is that TIPS Nail Conditioner is an oil-based solution and nothing will adhere to oil, let alone have long-lasting wear.

Then I choose a polish shade that reflects my mood, or perhaps one that is on my shelf just waiting to be swatched.  On this day it was Sinful Colour's Kissy 1102.

Seen here in this photo is one coat of Kissy.  Since it was not yet opaque and the desired intensity had not been reached I continued applying this gorgeous shade.

That's better!  Wow, I love the deep, rich turquoise shade it gives you once on your nails.  However, don't be fooled by the shade in the bottle - it looks like a deep green shade until it meets your talons.

I can't write enough good things about this "gem".  It applied extremely well; the brush was super eay to work with and if this makes any sense - the formulation was very forgiving.  By this I mean it evened itself out well and you can "fix" up fast and effectively.

If I was asked to give it a mark, I would definitely grant it a huge 10!
What is your favourite among the Sinful Colours Collection(s)? 
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